Saturday, February 19, 2011

[How To] Remove NavigationBar on

I just wanted to share a small trick, if you want to remove the Navigation Bar on
 Note: You should always take a backup of your template before you edit things.

First, go into your settings menu, and then go to Design > Edit HTML
Go down to the HTML code and search for "</style>" (CTRL+F to open up Searchbar on some browsers).
Before the </style>, add this piece of code:
body {
position: relative;
top: -32px;

Basically what this piece of code does is moving the whole page up 32 pixels so the menu doesnt appear on top.
And the navigationbar happends to be 32pix height.

Another method is to just hide the menu, without moving the page up 32 pixels.
To do that, you can add this piece of code before the </style>-tag:
#navbar-iframe {

When you're done, hit the "Save Template" button!

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